Improve Leadership Strategy

Whether it is casting the organization’s vision, mission or values, taking time out to reflect what’s working and what’s not, or building a business strategy, JB Consulting can help craft your agenda, facilitate the session and ensure there are measurable actions associated with the outcome of any meeting.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

~ Henry Ford

If you have a new team forming or a team that appears broken, JB Consulting has proven success helping teams to have conversations that matter. Using research-based assessments and coaching facilitation expertise, teams are left with a greater understanding of themselves and how they can achieve better results together.

JB Consulting uses an established process to help organizations identify future leadership needs, assess current gaps and build customizable and affordable options to support and develop leaders. JB Consulting helps organization to discern the best program for their needs whether it be a customized option or Trilogy Leadership.

JB Consulting is a co-owner of the Trilogy Leadership program which was co-created with Bock & Associates. Trilogy Leadership is for leaders, teams and organizations that want to strengthen their leadership profile. The program includes customized training, coaching conversations and a framework for measuring a leader’s impact. Trilogy Leadership challenges leaders to define what they want to be known for, emphasizes relationship best practices and connects leaders to what drives their organization’s results. http://trilogyleadership.ca

Organizational culture can be complex and difficult to change in the short term. However, by using JB Consulting’s established process to help organizations understand their current culture, define the benefits of a coaching culture and build sustainable coaching skills, organizations can experience shifts in employee productivity and engagement, workplace communication, organizational results and ultimately, culture.