Executive / Leadership Coaching

Improve Leadership Results

Executive / Leadership Coaching can provide C-suite leaders, senior leaders and developing leaders with a confidential, strategic thought partner that will challenge them to understand their leadership reputation, their leadership beliefs and actions and support them to inspire the right actions in others. Executive/Leadership Coaching can also further develop areas such as influence, communication skills, confidence and emotional intelligence.

JB Consulting provides practical and results-oriented coaching that meets the needs and budget of the organization. Coaching engagements vary depending on the leader's needs, but typically involve:

  • Assessment
  • Development Planning
  • 1:1 Coaching Conversations
  • Stakeholder Input & Feedback
  • Measurement

Small Group Coaching can be a cost effective way to support small groups of leaders to develop their leadership effectiveness and build relationships with other leaders within the organization. It can also be used to help small teams’ problem solve or work through complex issues that may be facing their team and/or the organization.

JB Consulting uses the Trilogy Coaching Conversations© Model to help organizations develop coaching skills. Trilogy Coaching Conversations© is about intentional communication that produces actions and accountability. It changes workplace conversations and helps leaders better manage the impact of their communication.

Trilogy Coaching Conversations© is also a foundational workshop that is embedded in a larger program established to build coaching cultures.


Providing leaders’ insights around their leadership reputation, their strengths, their opportunities and their values. JB Consulting has license to use a variety of individual and team assessment tools that will align with the needs of the organization and provide focus for any leadership development efforts.